Unzumutbarkeit der Passbeschaffung bei Erfordernis einer "Reueerklärung"

Published: Friday, 14 October 2022
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Pressemitteilung Nr. 62/2022 vom 11.10.2022

Unzumutbarkeit der Passbeschaffung bei Erfordernis einer "Reueerklärung"

Einem subsidiär schutzberechtigten Ausländer darf die Ausstellung eines Reiseausweises für Ausländer nicht mit der Begründung verweigert werden, er könne einen Pass seines Herkunftsstaates auf zumutbare Weise erlangen, wenn der Herkunftsstaat die Ausstellung eines Passes an die Unterzeichnung einer "Reueerklärung" knüpft, die mit der Selbstbezichtigung einer Straftat verbunden ist, und der Ausländer plausibel darlegt, dass er die Erklärung nicht abgeben will. Das hat das Bundesverwaltungsgericht in Leipzig heute entschieden.

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Eritreans hunted down as military call-up intensifies over Ethiopia's Tigray war

Published: Friday, 14 October 2022
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Eritrean authorities have intensified military mobilisation and are hunting down draft dodgers across the country, as the war in neighbouring Ethiopia escalates, multiple Eritrean sources have told the BBC.

The latest round-ups are the worst so far as women have not been spared, with many elderly mothers and fathers detained in a bid to force their children, who have gone into hiding, to surrender, they say.

They spoke on condition of anonymity as Eritrea is a highly restrictive state that controls almost all aspects of people's lives.

Eritrea has sent troops to help the Ethiopian government against forces from its northern Tigray region, which borders Eritrea.

"As many ignored the call-up, the round-up has been intensified," a source said, adding that wives have also been detained after their husbands tried to avoid conscription.

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UN Human Rights Council warns of more 'atrocity crimes' in Ethiopia

Published: Tuesday, 20 September 2022
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UN investigators said Monday they believed Ethiopia's government was behind ongoing crimes against humanity in the Tigray region, and warned that the resumption of the conflict there increased the risk of "further atrocity crimes".

 In its first report, the Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia said it had found evidence of a wide range of violations in the country by all sides since fighting erupted in the northern Tigray region in November 2020.

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EEPA Situation Report Horn of Africa No. 270, 16 September 2022

Published: Saturday, 17 September 2022
Written by https://martinplaut.com/2022/09/16/eepa-situation-report-horn-of-africa-no-270-16-september-2022/

Situation in Eritrea (per 16 September)

  • Eritrea is mobilising its reservists up to the age 55  to reinforce the army along the common border with the Tigray region. Sources told the BBC that the reservists were sent to the front lines on Thursday 15 September. 
  • Raids have been conducted recently in many parts of Eritrea by the security forces to round up people for the army and to check whether stragglers have valid exemptions for military conscription, says the BBC.
  • Many in the capital of Asmara  were taken to the frontline within hours. Reservists in other parts of the country were also called to report to their main offices.
  • Sources in the country indicate that the call affects all people without exception, including staff guarding UN offices, and that failing to do so may lead to family members being thrown out of their houses or family members being detained.
  • Tigray spokesperson Getachew Reda is accusing Ethiopia of sending more of its troops to Eritrea.

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Catholic Bishops in Ethiopia “deeply saddened” By Resumption of Fighting in Tigray

Published: Sunday, 04 September 2022
Written by https://www.aciafrica.org/news/6598/catholic-bishops-in-ethiopia-deeply-saddened-by-resumption-of-fighting-in-tigray

Members of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE). Credit: CBCE

Members of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE) have expressed their sadness in the wake of renewed violence in the Northern region of the Horn of Africa nation.

In a Friday, September 2 statement shared with ACI Africa, the Catholic Bishops make reference to their frequent appeals for peace in the region since November 2020 when the war started, and say that many lives have already been lost as a result of the resumption of fighting.  

“The Ethiopian Catholic Church, by her own and jointly with other religious institutes, has frequently called for all parties to avail for peace regarding the war in northern Ethiopia. We are deeply saddened to note that the war has resumed in the area,” CBCE members say.

They add, “Many lives have been lost, and assets destroyed in the war so far. Due to the scars left by the war, especially children, women and the elderly have been subjected to crisis.”

Media reports indicate that fighting has erupted between forces from Ethiopia’s Northern region of Tigray and those of the central government around the town of Kobo, ending a months-long ceasefire.

EEPA Situation Report No. 255 – 26 August 2022

Published: Saturday, 27 August 2022
Written by https://martinplaut.com/2022/08/26/eepa-situation-report-no-255-26-august-2022/

Situation in Tigray (per 26 August)

  • The federal government of Ethiopia bombarded Mekelle on 26 August at 12pm, according to several sources. The airstrikes reportedly hit a kindergarten, killing and injuring civilians including children. 17 people died as of yet, and more casualties are said to be arriving.
  • Earlier on 26 August, the federal government issued a statement strongly advising the people of Tigray to keep their distance from areas where TDF military equipment is located. It accuses the TDF of continuing their attack while the federal government says it has left an “open door” for peace talks.
  • The statement says the federal government remains open to peace negotiations, but will take military action against the TDF. The federal government spokesperson did not respond to Reuters inquiries regarding the bombing.
  • Residents in the Amhara’s Kobo area told Reuters that fighting has intensified for a second day on the Southern border of the Tigray region. A farmer told reuters that “[they] are frequently hearing the sound of heavy weapons, more than the previous days,”  
  • He added that: “more troops including those from the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), local militias and Fanos (volunteer militia) are heading to the front.”
  • Leul Mesfin, Medical Director of Dessie Hospital, also told Reuters that as of Thursday the facility had not received any casualties from the fighting.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) Chief, Tedros Adhanom said that he has relatives in Tigray he cannot communicate with or send money to amid a 22-month blockade by government forces.
  • He also said the humanitarian crisis in Tigray was exceptionally bad because the region is cut off from the world by government forces of Ethiopia and Eritrean forces. “Can you tell me any place in the same situation in the world?” Tedros said.
  • The Tigray External Affairs Office issued a statement on 25 August saying they “are profoundly disturbed by WFP Executive Director David Beasley’s unhelpful public outburst” and denounce the false allegations.
  • They urge the WFP to honour the agreements made and to publicly set the record straight. The receipt of the loan has been made public on social media.
  • Aklilu Hailemichael, representative of the Tigray regional government to Europe, says that Abiy Ahmed used the peace negotiations to gain time to launch a new offensive against Tigray.
  • He accuses Abiy of not keeping his promises, including to lift the siege of Tigray. He finds that this proves that Abiy Ahmed “never had genuine interest in peace”.

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Eritrean Authorities Seize Control of Catholic-Owned School, Set to Take Over Another

Published: Sunday, 04 September 2022
Written by https://www.aciafrica.org/news/6556/eritrean-authorities-seize-control-of-catholic-owned-school-set-to-take-over-another

Entrance to Hagaz Agro-Technical School (HATS) in Eritrea. Credit: Courtesy Photo

The government of Eritrea has taken over the Hagaz Agro-Technical School (HATS), a Catholic learning institution that the Brothers of the Christian Schools (LaSalle Brothers) established and have been running, an August 24 BBC report indicates.

In the BBC report, sources who maintained anonymity told BBC that Don Bosco Technical School in Dekemhare in Eritrea is “another Catholic-owned training college to be handed over to the government in September” this year.

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Appeal to the Swiss Authorities to cancel PFDJ festival

Published: Tuesday, 23 August 2022
Written by https://eritreahub.org/appeal-to-the-swiss-authorities-to-cancel-pfdj-festival

From: Collective of the Eritrean Community in Switzerland Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To: Conference of Cantonal Directors for Justice and Police (KKJPD) Haus der Kantone

Speichergasse 6, P.O. Box CH-3001 Berne

Bern, 22 August 2022

Subject: Planned propaganda event of the Eritrean regime in Switzerland Honourable members of the Conference of Directors for Justice and Police

Honourable members of the Conference of Directors for Justice and Police.

By this letter, we would like to draw your attention to the so-called “Eritrea Festival”, which is being organised every summer under the guise of a “cultural event” at the behest of the Eritrean regime not only in Switzerland, but in numerous other European countries as well.

By organising concerts with musicians who enjoy a certain degree of fame among the Eritrean public, the regime of President Isaias Afewerki manages to attract the members of the diaspora; the main aim is, however, to be able to spread its political messages of war and hatred. Anti-Western and, more recently, pro-Russian propaganda are also part of the repertoire of the various speakers, who include not only high-ranking representatives of the YPFDJ, but also members of President Isaias Afewerki’s cabinet. In 2018, for example, Foreign Minister Osman Saleh incited government supporters with anti-Western propaganda.[1]

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